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Calavera Loteria

Loteria, Mexico's traditional bingo game has its roots back in colonial days.  Over time, the iconic images of this game have become an integral part of Mexican culture.
In this new incarnation of Loteria, artist Mix Luera blends two enduring Mexican traditions; Loteria and Day of the Dead.  Like Loteria, Day of the Dead and its emblematic skull images have transcended generations and are still relevant in today's modern Mexican culture.  


Each image, or card, is an original art piece, painstakingly drawn in detail on canvas before being painted in acrylic.  It is our goal to have all 52 images represented in this new version, employing both iconic items from the original, such as "La Sirena" or "El Soldado", as well as some new subjects also relevant to the Mexican tradition, like "La Virgen" or "El Charro".  Ultimately, we want to produce a complete Loteria game and have it for sale.  In the meantime, please browse the items we have available in our web site.  We will be constantly adding new images as Mix finishes them, so check back often!

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